Mighty Mindz Daycare

Mighty Mindz Daycare

“Children's are like wet cement we ensure we make the right impression”

Mighty Mindz Day-Care helps parents in ensuring for their child a home away from home. The prepared environment encourages child’s innate zeal for learning. Children are helped with opportunity to choose among an array of purposeful activities to work on with the guidance of a trained adult .

Features of Day care:-

  1. Safe & positive environment
  2. Monitoring of child’s growth
  3. Regular checkups by Pediatrician, psychologist, nutritionist
  4. we conduct P.T.M on child update.
  5. Pick and drop facility.
  6. Weekly Activities
  7. Day care area is equipped with educational toys
  8. Well researched routine to ensure overall development of child in a very safe  sound ,loving and caring environment 
  9. Timings hour 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  10. Age -1.8 years  onwards
  11. We have individual teacher and maid
  12. Proper Hygienic Environment
  13. Proper Schedule as given below: