Do’s & Don’ts

Do’s & Don’ts


  1. Please attend Parent Teacher Meeting every month to keep a track on your child’s   progress.
  2. Keep a copy of receipt’s issued by the school.
  3. Participates  enthusiastically in all events.
  4. Child should carry Tiffin and Water Bottle daily to school (duly labelled)
  5. It is compulsory for the child to carry his/her identity card every day, one handkerchief to be pinned on the uniform The identity card should have correct numbers (ID –Card Is Mandatory)
  6. An extra set of cloths and one undergarment should be sent along with the child every day.
  7. On pool day child needs to come in proper swim suit and slipper/floater 
  8. Instead of shoes, also carry towel, goggle & cap (duly labelled)
  9. Any delay in picking up the child after the class timings should be informed to the concerned teacher.
  10. Parents should bring to notice of the concerned teacher and the centre head if the child suffers from any kind of allergy.
  11. Please fill the first page of diary
  12. Please sign the diary when sent
  13. Please ensure that your child does the homework for the specific date it has been sent to you and not for the further dates
  14. Please send the spoon, fork and small hand towel duly labelled daily


  1. Do not send a new person to pick the child, school will not handover the child to an unknown person.
  2. Children should not carry expensive accessories to school. School is not responsible for any theft and loss.

For any queries kindly call or visit post 1:00 pm. Fees to be deposited between 1st-7th of every month.